Fahimeh Ebrahimi
Fahimeh Ebrahimi
Ph.D. Student
Division of Computer Science and Engineering
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
Office: 2303 PFT

My name is Fahimeh Ebrahimi, I am a Ph.D students of Computer Science at Engineering and Louisiana State University. I work with Dr. Nash Mahmoud on software privacy and app store analysis.

Research Interests

  • App Store Analysis
  • Software Privacy
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Mobile App Privacy in Software Engineering Research: A Systematic Mapping Study
    F. Ebrahimi, M. Tushev, and A. Mahmoud, Information and Software Technology, (IST), 2020
  • Modeling User Concerns in Sharing Economy: The Case of Food Delivery Apps
    G. Williams, M. Tushev, F. Ebrahimi, and A. Mahmoud, Automated Software Engineering, (ASEJ), 2020
  • Digital Discrimination in Sharing Economy: An RE Perspective
    M. Tushev, F. Ebrahimi, and A. Mahmoud, IEEE Requirements Engineering Conference, (RE), 2020


  • CSC 4103 Operating Systems (T.A.)
  • CSC 2262 Numerical Methods (T.A.)
  • CSC 1240 Stats & Graph MATLAB (T.A.)